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Since its inception, services of Nilima Jobs has centered on providing the highest quality of diversified HR services while maintaining integrity and empathy to the benefit of all its clients as well as the community members. Founded by Mrs. Nilima in 2008, Nilima Jobs is a global network of HR services, working for the provision of innovative, customized and integrated Human Capital solutions to its clients.

The brand, Nilima Jobs is about more than providing its services as a human capital solutions provider as well as talent acquisition services to many corporate houses, listed companies renowned organizations within India and overseas. The company’s focus is to maximize its clients’ organizational efficiency and effectiveness through alignment of their HR Management and initiatives with the organizational long term strategic vision and goals.

Message, from the founder!!

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time out to get to know the Nilima jobs (consulting and recruitment). As the Founder I feel privileged to welcome you on our platform and to our philosophy. We ensure to provide the best quality of services in the area of Executive Search and HR consultancy.

Thank you for your interest in NILIMA JOBS – please let us know how better can we assist you or your organization. Meeting with you, listening to you to achieve your professional goals and serving you will always be our pleasure!



Founder/ Owner



We help clients with a number of specific management needs within its broad HR functional practice areas, such as growth strategy, development and execution; HR portfolio management; post merger integration; productivity and efficiency improvement; IT infrastructure; turnaround, among other services.


We are dedicated to not only hiring exceptional people, but also to thinking outside the box to develop truly unique solutions. Our approach is that of being a partner, and we are based on high levels of expertise.
We develop close, deep bonds with clients, ensuring collaboration across every level of an organization to solve even the most difficult and complex challenges.


We aim to bring together the best people to create long-term value, contributing to shared success. Our values-driven approach relies on having a business structure that isn’t based on traditional hierarchies but is, instead, about respect and helping everyone realize their full potential. We provide insights contributing to HR-related transformations and also people, that can work collaboratively.

  1. Opportunity Assessment – Before the search activity begins, we will conduct an extensive interview with the hiring managers. Our objective is to gather an extensive profile of the job specifications from the leadership. This true “needs analysis” gives us not only information beyond just the skills necessary, but also the vision, character, chemistry, and flavor of the type of achiever we need to attract. Details of the interview process and compensation/benefits for the position will also be agreed upon in detail. Companies and potential prospects will be agreed upon so that a sourcing strategy can be implemented.
  2. Search Assignment Profile – The result of the Opportunity Assessment will be formulated into the Search Assignment Profile (SAP). This document covers company information, job overview, requirements, candidate profile, company history, key management bios, company positioning and behavioral based interview questions.
  3. Search Assignment Profile Sign Off – The SAP must be signed off on before the candidate contact begins. It is critical that we are on the same page as our client to ensure an efficient search process with proper expectations.
  4. Candidate Research – Our research team will begin creating the list of individuals that will be contacted as both prospects and referrals.
    Initial Contact – Confidentially, we will contact prospects and referral sources to gauge interests and qualifications.
  5. Prospect List – Once a contact is qualified with respect to interest and bio information is received, that individual will be moved to the Prospect List.
  6. Criteria-based Interview – All prospects are put through a criteria-based interview which will match their skills and accomplishments with the skills and requirements outlined in the SAP. We will investigate each candidate’s willingness to make a job change, clarify technical expertise, professional experience and compensation expectations.
  7. Employment Verification – Employment and education verification is completed.
  8. Candidate List – Once a prospect is qualified through the criteria based interview, the prospect moves the Candidate List. This list usually contains 8-10 qualified candidates.
  9. Behavioral-based Interview – Each of these candidates are given a behavioral based interview which digs deeper into their background to determine cultural fit, depth of experience and accomplishments, personal situation, expectations and motivations. Each candidate will be asked to answer, in written form, the behavioral based questions that have been formulated around the key aspects of the position.
  10. Confidential Industry Reference Check – Once a candidate is qualified, we will check industry contacts for an initial referencing. These are done on a confidential basis and are not supplied by the candidate.
  11. Candidate Short List – Those candidates who successfully complete the behavior based interview will be moved to a short list. Upon approval from the client, we will then visit each of the final candidates in person for final interviews.
  12. Interview Determination – Once all interviews are completed, we will conference with the client on the final candidates and determine which candidates should be brought in for interviews.
  13. Candidate Profile – For all of those candidates who will be interviewed, a candidate profile is prepared. Candidate Profile includes: summary of professional experience, overall evaluation, reason for openness to job change, detailed compensation history, personal information, any reference information and answers to behavior based interview questions.
  14. Candidate Interviews – NILIMA JOBS will handle all schedule coordination with the client and the candidate.
  15. Candidate Interview Debrief – The candidate will be debriefed and that information given back to the client. The debriefing will be done to gauge interest and viability.
  16. Client Debrief – After the candidate has been debriefed, we will debrief with the client to gauge interest and the viability of the candidate. It is our goal to maximize interview momentum with high priority candidates.
  17. Follow Up Interviews and Debrief – Our goal is to make sure that the process is moving forward and that all of the issues are addressed as we move through the interview process.
  18. Formal Reference Checks – With all high priority candidates, we conduct formal reference checks before an offer is to be presented.
  19. Counter-offer Consultation – We will consult with the candidate around counter offer and transition issues.
  20. Offer Negotiation – We will provide to the client compensation information from the market and compensation expectations from the candidate. Our goal is help the client craft an offer that addresses the critical compensation issues of the candidate.
  21. Offer Presentation – Typically, NILIMA JOBS will present the offer to the candidate. We have found that there is a smoother transition when the client and candidate are not forced to discuss monetary issues.
  22. Offer Letter/Employment Agreement – We make sure that all documents are signed and a start date is established.
  23. Post Search Client Interview – This interview is to gain feedback from the client on our process and to request a written testimony. This interview is crucial as we look to improve our process. Our goal is to become long term partners with our clients in helping them garner the talent needed to realize the vision that is set forth.
  24. Post Search Follow Up – We conduct follow up interviews with the each placed candidate 30, 90 and 180 days following the start date.
  25. We will communicate the essence of those meeting back to client as a means to insure a smooth transition.


As a result of using your service We found you to be knowledgeable, fast, friendly and inexpensive. It was a great business decision to choose you! The specific feature We liked most about your service is YOUR PRICE! Two other benefits important to us are your speed in completing the job (You are very FAST!) and FRIENDLY service.
We are very happy with Nilima Jobs, and we will use your services for our future recruitments requirements also

Client • Leading free zone of UAE


Awarded for Global Leading Women Consultant by II GLOBAL BUSINESS INFORMATION on 20th August 2015.

May 27th, 2017|2,838 Comments

Awarded for Global Leading Women Consultant by II GLOBAL BUSINESS INFORMATION on 20th August 2015.

Women Achiever of India (2013) award in employment sector by PEOPLE’s FOUNDATION.

May 27th, 2017|3 Comments

Ms Kamdar received Women Achiever of India (2013) award in employment sector by PEOPLE’s FOUNDATION.

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Women of Excellence Awards in Leadership 2014 on event of International Women’s Day on 8th March 2014 by people’s foundation.

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